.x file texture issus

Hi vvvvers.
Was hoping some one could help me or guide me in the right direction with this xfile texture issu i have with c4d and\or vvvv.
Im on unknown grounds with this one, so please bear with me ;)

I make a model in c4d and export it as an .x file and it loads nicly in vvvv.
But as mentioned i get no texture on the 3d box (to keep it simple).
I have noticed that in the string output the file is an .ppm file.
Have tried to bake as i read somewher in the forum but no luck.

So… My question is:
Does vvvv support .ppm files?
Is there some way to get c4d to export the texture in another file format?

Tnx for any help.

google your friend

I really have tried my best friend google.
But im on so new grounds i dont even know what to google atm.
ill keep googeling but to shorten my troubleshoting. Does vvvv support .ppm?

no native .ppm sorry. at least i am not aware of it… you could try the Assimp loader, it should support almost every 3d format which is out there.

@ tonfilm
Tnx for your help i will try that. At least i know the .ppm isnt supported

hm…actually not sure about that. at least Writer (EX9.Texture) seems to be able to write .ppm files. so maybe it is a format dx9 simply can deal with. try loading such a .ppm file with e.g. the helppatch of FileTexture (EX9.Texture) to see if that would work at all.

i also remember some weird texture coordinate range problems with some exporters. vvvv needs 0…1, but some export -1…1 or 0…2, so you could also investigate on this side.

Tnx for all the help guys.
vvvv is clearly not the problem here c4d exporter to.x or my lack of understanding in setup for c4d. Probably a bake or bake texture issue(anyone with experiance on that)?
I have found a .x (attached) wich works fine.
Tried to open a .ppm image in filetexture node and it works fine.

Xfiles.rar (584.6 kB)