X File spreading / submesh animation sample


I have made this little vvvv robot which comprises four submeshes and a transparent texture.
The X file is exported from 3dmax with all the objects placed at the world center.

On import to vvvv these are put back into correct position (values generated with a maxscript in 3ds max before moving to world center) using an ApplyTransform.

I can easily animate a single instance of the robot but when I come to spread it I have to copy each transform 4 times (one for each part of the model, otherwise it goes screwy.

Am I applying the offset in the right place?
How can I easily spread the whole thing without having to copy each transform 4 times?
And any comments on the patch or on strategies for animating x-files with submeshes would be interesting.
Especially regarding heierarchies.
VJ SpanK

i don’t know if i understood your question right

but i think the IOBox (Node) -BinSize-Trick helps here.

of course you can stack all this.
i remember that @gregsn posted a tutorial patch about transformation hierarchies somewhere here.
but don’t ask me where exactly. :P

The IOBox(Node) binsize trick is the optimal solution, thank you Kalle!