X file query

Hi all,

Thanks for the help with my previous query. Hes the next:

I have already read the ‘x file and animation’ post so please accept my apology if this is virtually the same thing.

I have exported a Poser figure into a 3ds then converted it into an X file. I was basically wondering if there was any way I could modify or deform the mesh in VVVV, no matter how crude. Any suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Thank you in advance

I have included my patch so far (make sure all the files are in the same folder). Sorry it’s so messy,


i cannot download your file. but thats a known VVVViki-Bug.
Perhaps you can upload it again using this link.

i can download & open your file (only the fft node and the iobox below are disconnected)

frame rate isnt too smooth and my cpu/gfxcard makes strange noises while viewing this patch but i guess thats because of the 3 meg model

can’t help with deformation tho, soz

halo mc.

you may want to have a look at this
its about mesh-morphing but should help you understand how you can modify the vertices of a mesh.

… have done a module for this, but not uploaded yet. wait some minutes …

Thats a funny one check this out…

the module is now to download at tonfilm-ChangeMesh