Wrong way to random?

Last week I had to do something in another program that was a huge PITA. The project was essentially this: the client wanted their attendees’ names to appear randomly on the screen and then switch to the winner when that name was called out. The winners were pre-selected (so it wasn’t really a random draw but whatevs).

I thought that VVVV could do it so much easier and look better but as I didn’t have a patch already made, they couldn’t see it so they weren’t interested in it. The past couple of nights, I’ve worked to try and get a patch that would do the task in case I ever have to do it again but it’s not working the way I thought it would and I’m sure I’ve done something wrong but I can’t figure it out.

I thought I had nailed it until I decided to slow the randomness down by adding a damper, it was going too fast and that’s when I noticed that instead of taking names from the entire list, it seems to focus on the numbers that are in the middle, not choosing higher or lower ones, and I’m not sure why. Probably I’ve used the wrong node but there wasn’t much in the documentation about it to give me an idea of how to fix it.

The list of names I was provided wasn’t alphabetical, so maybe it would be better to do each name in the string one after the other instead of random? Is there a “better” way to randomly pull from a list like this?

Thanks in advance!

slow down random.zip (6.8 kB)

LFO is your friend.

A damper will blur all of your values down to the statistical middle, so to speak. Check attached patch.

_Random NamesLfo.v4p (27.4 kB)

Ah, I never thought of using an LFO like that! But then again, I’m still learning so why would I? Now that I see what you’ve done, it makes perfect sense. Thank you!

I can also recommend using OnOpen (VVVV) to auto bang the the reader to load the names