Writtenimages.net thread

hello vvvvriends

the idea came up to create a thread in the forum concerning all the questions related to the submission for writtenimages.net (which is in a couple of days)

the thing is, the submitted patch has to start up by executing a command in the commandline-interface. once the patch is running, it has to save a png-picture (4080x2720) in a path, that is also defined in the commandline-interface (actually at the same time when the patch is executed)

as tonfilm pointed out, the args (vvvv)-node is required.

what i did:

  1. i wrote in the “args.txt” file the following command:
    /o “c:\the_path_where_vvvv_40beta23_is\vvvv.exe”

2.i write in the commandlineinterface:
“c:\the_path_where_vvvv_40beta23_is\vvvv.exe” /writeimage c:\the_path_where_to_save_the_png\the_filename.png

thats basically it. the command /writeimage is defined in the args-node in the patch.

the idea is to submit the whole vvvv program in a zip, with the patch,the args file and so on.
the remaining question for me is, whether the vvvv.exe has to close automatically after it safed the png.

Args_help_test.v4p (12.2 kB)

hm sorry… i didnt want to post all these patches. they are all the same. but here is a screenshot, in case my description is not clear.

screenshot.JPG (204.5 kB)

hi you can use Doquit or kill to close vvvv once the image is save.
just check the picture exist : loading everyframe or second the picture , till the pin up and running is set to 1.

hello aivenhoe

thanks for starting the thread, in the next days i’ll have some time to look at your patch and give my contribution.

as sanch said, checking if the png has been saved should be easy, just check if the file exist, and if so you can kill/doquit vvvv.

concerning the deadline, its not in a couple of days, it’s 30th of june, which is in more than one month ;)

see you soon on this thread

hello, i tried this too, and i think we should all use the same commandline parameter. i did it similar, just used ‘/path “path_to_image”’
and the patch itself in the args.txt as you did.

and we have to sort out, whether the imagefilename should be in the path aswell… they say:

“command line arguments have to be deliverable to any save path. For every argument one generated image will be filed in an adequate location.”

does that mean they would provide more than one argument per call?

Hi, thanks for the thread I’m in the game. And I will follow you, experimented guy.

i agree that we all should have the same commandline parameters as well as the same structures for the filest that are provided.

for testing the processing example they write:

“Test your Application under Windows:
Open command prompt and drag the application.windows -> yourApplicationName.exe into it.
press space and write filenames with absolute paths separated with spaces:
c:/yourpath/debug1.png c:/yourpath/debug2.png c:/yourpath/debug3.png …
press enter:”

so i assume that the filename is in the path… i guess they also want to be able to control the filenames.

although they dont have a specific commandline parameter, like “/path”, just the path… hm

“although they dont have a specific commandline parameter, like “/path”, just the path… hm”
You can do that with a batch file.
Starting the patch with a batch file and adding the variable name in the batch file to pass it to the exe with the right format for v4 , shouldn’t be that complicate.

did anybody have success with this? i didnt :(

ok guys, here you go.

its a stripped down vvvv, put in you modules/plugins as you need. then call vvvv.bat c:/yourpath/debug1.png c:/yourpath/debug2.png c:/yourpath/debug3.png … with up to 9 images. i hope 9 will be enough…


the file seems to be too big for the forums, i uploaded it to the file galleries:
vvvv_writtenimages.zip (6.43 Mb)

sorry, little bug in the .bat file, you have to replace it with this one:

vvvv.bat (46 Bytes)

very nice! thank you guys! i put the link of this thread on writtenimages.net

thaank you tf


thanks tonfilm for this. But, because I’m a newbie with windows commandline I have no success by trying to generate my picture with the bat file.

I try with C:\Documents and Settings\o\Desktop\vvvv_writtenimages\vvvv.bat

nothing happened

and I try with

C:\Documents and Settings\o\Desktop\vvvv_writtenimages\vvvv.bat c:/yourpath/debug1.png

but windows say “can’t find C:\Documents”

Can you precise the method ? I will really learn something.

Thank you

thanks mr tonfilm :)

@lecloneur in the command line you have to write first the path to your .bat file (something like C:\Documents and Settings\o\Desktop\vvvv_writtenimages\vvvv.bat but of course it depends on where you put the folder on your computer), then up to 9 arguments separated by space where you specify the location and the name of the images you want to write ( something like this c:/yourpath/debug1.png but of course you need to specify a path that really exist on your machine)

Doing this, the args node in the patch will give you back the arguments you specified in the commandline and you can use them to write the files as tonfilm is showing in his patch.


ok, the problem is the space in the path after ‘documents’, here is another .bat that shoud work with spaces in the path:

vvvv.bat (48 Bytes)

Thanks a lot tonfilm, very usefull.
Deadline extended to 15 of july.

here is the complete package again. with the bugfixed .bat file and i removed the libfftw3-3.dll becuase of license issues:

vvvv_writtenimages.zip (6.43 Mb)

for the rest of the last minute crowd, here’s a modified bat file, which can take more than 9 filepaths.

vvvv.bat.txt (rename to .bat) (136 Bytes)