Writing to a dictionary from two different locations

I have a dictionary that I want to add data too from a number of different places in my patch. Just need a nudge in the right direction…

Using a MutableDictionary?



Can you share that patch with me? PS, looks perfect!

I gave it a go here, I defined the pad as a mutabledictionary, but values aren’t populating in mine.

I noticed your connection after the pad after create is slightly greyed out and mine isn’t, and the Create I have has some input pins… Perhaps the wrong Create MutableDictionary?

MutableDictionaryExample.vl (8.7 KB)

Worked it out… :) Just needed to put it on the right output pin, and set the dictionary to Create…

Yep, otherwise you’re resetting the MutableDictionary to its original state every frame, which in this case is “empty” :)

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