Writing files

hi all…

sorry for the ridiculously basic question…

but im trying to write a file, to be opened in something like After FX. and have some quick problems…

  1. i have a really basic patch that is effecting a 3d space. everything is running in realtime grand. so when i go to write, everything writes and i can open the avi file… except when i playback the AVI,the quality is diminshed and the playback is way too fast! any ideas whay this maybe? typically i would like to write to a PNG sequence if possible.

  2. is it possible to export with a transparent background?

thanks in advance, and sorry for the silly qs.

what i know it’s not possible to write pngs with transparency. but you could work with masks - just do 2 renderings and use in the second one plain white (or an other color) over the objects and mask theme out in afx.

i prefer the use of the

Writer (Screenshot NRT).v4p
by @jannis
can be found on @catweasel

not to be mixed with a similar module, which is provided with vvvv.

lots more information around all this can be found with this tool ;)

it is possible to write pngs with alpha
i do it all the time
works with Writer(EX.Texture) and Writer(EX.Texture NRT)
you need to modify the DX9Texture inside them, set the format to
A8R9G9B8 and your PNGs and even BMPs will have nice alpha
this doesnt work with screenshot writers
also set the width and height to the size you need
if you want realtime with antialiasing then i suggest you try
Fraps. on my quad q6600 fraps can capture 1920x1080 perfectly
real time

Wow thnx Victor, I never managed to save Alpha from a GDI renderer, but never did it for a DX9 renderer, how did I miss that…

Fraps is nice indeed, even captures sound when you set it right.

oh, nice to know that transparency works. thanks viktor for that hint :)

I cant find the A8R9G9B8 format…any hints about it?(9bits sounds strange) If you are talking about A8R8G8B8 it doesn’t make any transparency for me…


its A8R8G8B8
have you set renderers background color to alpha0 ?

@desax sorry, of course its 8bits s everywhere, mistyped it…
@em the background color doesn’t matter
this works on all radeons i’ve tested
dunno about nvidias
edit:ive just exported this:

Ok it works…As a good dummy, I tried with textured quads, what couldn’t work so far…and yep, transparent background doesn’t matter here…