Writing and reading IOBox values from somewhere behind the rainbow

there are a few of us who have different usecases of reading and writing into IOboxes from somewhere else than the connected nodes.

sample projects who have a patch based (setpatch getpatch) approach.
overlay interface
IRIS, svvvvitcher, etc

i had a chat with milo about what could be the best way in order to read/write ioboxes more easily. wouldn’t it be nice to write into them with OSC, UDP, ARTNET, whatever, MIDI, external devices etc.

Here is one approach.

  1. IOboxes would need additional markup (eg. tags) in order to identify and classify them.
  2. a node that returns the id’s of the ioboxes with the given multiple (and/or) tags.
  3. a node that that returns the values of all pins of ioboxes with the given ids.
  4. a node that writes values into pins of ioboxes with the given ids.

that would give the most flexible posibility to synchronize internal and external interfaces with the patch parameters.
what you think?

interested parties may test this…more info on irc.

This is sort of related to what we were discussing here, regarding “preset” loading: VVVV Usability
As far as I can figure, changes to the native core of vvvv would be required in order to do this without using getpatch/setpatch.