Writer (EX9.Texture) Alpha Bug

When writing Textures to BMP from the Renderer through DX9Texture or directly from FileTexture with “writer (Texture)”, there seems to be an error with the alpha channel.
Even though alpha is 100% in the texture, alpha=0% is written to the bmp-file (analyzed with photoshop).
Seems to be hardware-related. My graphics card is Nvidia-Optimus. This does not happen when I switch to the internal card.

VVVV beta 33.3 (x86)
Geforce GT 640M LE (Optimus)

is this a vvvv bug or a directx bug or a nvidia driver bug?

VVVV-Writer(Texture)-Alpha-Bug.zip (52.1 kB)

without trying (sorry, i’m at work) the patch: did you set the renderers background color to be transparent as well?

if the writer gets a texture of format X8R8G8B8 it chooses 0 for alpha. so make sure to choose A8R8G8B8 as Format on DX9Texture (EX9.Texture).