Writer (EX9. FontMap) won't render a PNG


implementing the appreciated ParticlesGPU_3D_Static_Typo (EX9.Effect) particlesgpu3dstatictypo-(ex9.effect) I went on creating a set of FontMaps by means of Writer (EX9. FontMap) (see modulesex9textmetrics ). Alas, it won’t render a PNG, but a MET file. I’m on b28.1 and feel reluctant to downgrade (at times, this yields unwanted surprises, y’know).
Exceeding my current knowledge and timeframe to get me acquintaned with a proper solution, I hope someone noble can help me and future ppl out.

(Sebl said he’d upload a working version here)

TIA, patrick

i just updated the module with todays text nodes etc.

Writer (EX9. FontMap).rar (293.5 kB)

Confirmed working. Vielen vielen Dank, sebl!

Just curious: what’s the .met file for?

the .met file contains the fonts’ metrics, what is the space next to each character. thus allows you to do basic kerning.

but this is not implemented in the shader version - and perhaps even impossible to do that way.

… which is a pity, as the kerning – at least in my experience – apparently is nonexistant.

indeed… no text …

hmmm, should be possible to do a basic kerning based on the chars metric. i did a module long time ago, before there where the text plugins which did that. should be quite easy to write the kerned letter positions into the rgb texture…

thought about that too, the problem with the shader version is the integral, which cannot be done in one frame.
so if one is using static letters, it’s not hard to encode the metrics into a texture, but it doesn’t work for dynamic letters i guess

that’s why monospaced fonts exist guys ^^

hmmm depends on what you want to do… i think u just have to calculate the letter positions newly just if the text itself changes… but this is hardly the case for each frame usually no? for other effects like waving or exploding it still should work as you just add up values to the unaltered character positions…

I see a big load of fame ahead for those tackling the Kerning task :) I’m pretty sure, but lacking the required skills though.

hm, i guess, the point is that if you calculate the kerning dynamically, the whole operation is really slow - slower than the 2 text plugins.

so, it depends on the goal one might have… rendering a type-particle animation (shader) or rendering proper text (text plugin).

good tool this … thanks…

Hi guys,

I’m a little confused as to what I need to do when I have the .met file. Can anyone help?

I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to font maps etc., any help would be appreciated!

Thank you