Write video quick

Hi guys , I have some doubts here… I need to write the output of a renderer to a video file which should not consume much CPU neither hard disk while creating the file , because the patch need to be running with some more staff meanwhile and will load this same file some time later on . the video files will have a max of 60 secods each.

I,ve tried Writer (EX9.Texture) AVI , would you recommend me a good codec for that task ?

is it posible to write a mpeg file or flv file with vvvv ?
I do see some codecs for mpeg when using Compress (DShow9) but then which writer to use ?

FRAPS is the best solution for this.

hello rrrr thanks for your suggestion i did not realised this post was answered ,
i think i wont be able to have all renderers in full screen all the time for using fraps,

I,ve tested a lot of codecs and cinepak radius seem to be good for my task , as the output file is quite small and i dont need too much quality ,

the thing is that the recorded file plays very fast , like wrong framerate , any one knows how to solve this please ?

is there a way to avoid Asvideo when recording from a renderer and using compress node ?

the property page of the codecs does not open for me anymore , any clue why ?

thank you guys

VideoCapture.zip (14.7 kB)

this framerate thingy also happen the oppsite with other codecs so when i open the file it goes slow , any clue ?