Write RGBA "slicewise" into compute buffer

hi all,

I want to write into a compute buffer 32x32, controlling the Y “slice” while writing 1x32 at a time. Slitscanning the image if you will. This is where I got stuck. I get an exception when I swizzle the pipet’s RGBA to my buffer. I am also interested if this should work in general.

callmenames-2021-10-17 compute buffer2d.vl (40.3 KB)

yes, this should work, but you calculate the index as x*y, but it should be x + (y * width) or (x * height) + y depending on whether you want to write columns or rows.

also, there is no texture read in your patch… the pipet node will download values from GPU to CPU, but in your case, you probably want to read directly in the compute shader, if i understand that correctly.