Write (File) failing

Is it me, or does writer (file) not work any-more, even the helppatch is refusing to write anything. Beta22 and newest pluginpack on XP.

I’ve seen this too, sometimes it works, sometimes not, I’ve found that create directory sometimes fixes it.

Works in 21 like it should, it doesn’t work in 22 sigh… toggled the hidden create directory pin… when is 23 released? (or 22.1 ;) )

cannot confirm, but seems like writer got a problem with relative paths now. at least that fixed the problem sometimes

I found this out, been meaning to look more into it and post bug on here.

I found it only wouldn’t write to the same directory that the patch was held in. Seems to write to it’s parent directory. Relative path issues i’m guessing.

indeed, thanks for pointing out. fixed for beta>22
in the meantime it only works with absolut filepaths.