Working with Robots (Kuka, ABB)

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in preparation for a non-commercial theater- workshop(*) in jan '19 I have the possibility to play with Kuka and ABB robots. I never did this before and I don’t have any idea where to start. The company providing the robots are more “classic industry robot programming”.

I’m thankful for every hint on how to setup this beautiful machines with vvvv. Right now I could only pay you with beer in Berlin ;).

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(*) I will post the call for artists as soon as it’s open.

hello clockdivider,

back in the days i have written the most part of the meso real time robotics motion library in RAPID. from what read on github the open_abb library has a similar approach, but has no features for specific motion design. it only has the basic commands of the robot. the meso library has a whole system of physical behavior and motion styles that help to make the robot moving less than a robot.

but i don’t know whether meso will share the code. just contact them…

not that i know of… we had some kind of programmable robot controller connected to the network. that was basically it.

but @niggos or @oschatz might know more details. they also did the workshop, so they would be the best people to contact.

Hi, as mentioned I was also involved in the development and integration of the RML at MESO. Best would be to contact me / @oschatz via mail about the legal stuff.
Regarding the YuMi, although it is running on an IRC5 controller (fifth gen / according to specs), I guess that parts of our implementation might have to be adjusted to adress requirements of YuMi robot concept.
The RML is made for the ABB IRB series, and except some controller related setup stuff, it should work quite out of the box for those.

Dear tonfilm, dear niggos,
thank you very much for your reply. I will contact Sebastian at Meso and see under which circumstances we could get the library.
As soon as I know more I might have some more questions ;).
thanks and all the best,

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