WordPress + VVVV

Is there the possibility to connect VVVV with WordPress, so you can use WordPress as CMS system for the content. Or is there another simple free CMS system that can be easily connected to VVVV. The goal is that the customer can upload their own content and then have it loaded into a VVVV touch interface. Thanks for your hints.

Have a look here: https://vimeo.com/248325677
Get it from the “store”.

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looks good in the demo, is there anything else comparable as freeware. is a connection to wordpress possible?

You’d (For example) have to make your own json endpoint with the datastructure you want and do the parsing yourself.
Or look into any other headless cms.

OK thanks, I’ll test around in that direction.

An internal CMS without additional costs would be a nice feature in VVVV.

Or even with additional costs.
Do you work for free often?
How long will it take you to implement your own compared to getting a license for 500€?

Just saying, good work is worth the money - people are making an effort.

*Edit: this applies for commercial work, which you have suggested in your first post.

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and yes, it should be possible to talk to wordpress. not out of the box, but there seem to be a couple of .NET libraries like this one that would allow you to do that.

in vvvv beta you can use any .NET library via c# or VL.

It’s not about someone working for free. My problem is if I want to realize e.g. 3 small exhibits, where the budget is not that big and I need an additional CMS license for each exhibit. Then it already makes sense to think of an own solution.

i’d just contact @u7angel of wirmachenbunt and tell him about the project. vvvv licensing models are about fairness for both sides instead of maximum profit for one side.

i’m sure you can work something out in a fraction of the time you would need to implement your own CMS.

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yes, we can work something out.

thanks for the offer. if there is a concrete project I will contact you.

don’t see much of a hustle here, you got http get, the you do some custom deserialize with vl or c#

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