Woei's BuildSpreads delete bug

I’ve tried and failed but can anybody fix what I think is a bug with Woei’s module BuildSpreads?

When I build a spread up and then try and delete a certain slice it seems to delete the slice along with all the other slices above it. From what I understand of it, it should only delete the slice selected. hmmmmmm.

same here, it deletes the whole list.

Electro to the rescue!

Buildspreads (spreads) (string).zip (4.5 kB)

thanks, great and I like the edit function.

This should be added to the add-on pack.

sry for the late response
meanwhile use this as an apology

correct bin size implementation. delete, insert and set as expected. increment adds the input slice to the stored value

have fun

StoreSpread.dll (20.5 kB)

and a rudimentary helppatch

StoreSpread (Spreads) help.v4p (9.9 kB)

thanks woei! Cheeky request but any chance of a string version too? :)

Also, what’s the flush doing?

i use an older BuildSpread(Spreads).4vp from elektromeier (v.01, 18.oct.2008), which is fantastic. it contains a node named SetSlice(Legacy). but this node does not exist, right? vvvvhat !s !t?

helo armin,

when we change a nodes functionality we leave the old node as is and call it …legacy so that old patches don’t change in behavior. the new node gets the old nodes name so that from then on as a user you can only create the node with the new functionality. see?

You might wanna check out the Dictionary node I wrote for this purpose. It uses IDs to store spreads: