"WithinSpace" Node SKIA - has STRIDE a similar Node?

Hi Folks, quick question

I like the “WithinSpace” Node from SKIA and want to use the same function in STRIDE (IRenderer, RenderWindow …) I have a Spread of Pixel based Values (XY Size and XY Position on a FullHD Space) - very easy with WithinSpace from SKIA but cannot find a similar node in STRIDE. WithinCommonSpace and WithinVirtualScreenSpace I have no sucess or do not understand the pipeline, when I use them with a QuadRenderer and a TransformSRT, which I feed with Pixel based Values - it is not happening what I expect

Greets and a Good2021

yes, these nodes exist since a few weeks… make sure you are on the latest preview.

@antokhio thanks for the post but I think you wanted to post this in Transparent Video in Stride ;) or? Because I don’t get the connection to my topic

@tonfilm thanks, I know, I work with the latest preview
I tried now a little bit more and think the Node “WithinVirtualScreenSpace” does the job of “WithinSpace” - there is a Switch in Y-Direction (so remap) and there is a problem with “QuadRenderer” changing Anchor DOESNOTHING but I need.

here an example - it should look the same - but I cannot figure out

VLMARIO.zip (224.3 KB)
I made an example - Do you remember BetaMARIO :) now VLMARIO
https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/import-photoshop-layers-info - loong time ago ;)

@CeeYaa was linking to that, exact post:

yes, that could be considered a bug, thanks for spotting this.

but if the scaling and the pixel size of the sprite texture always match, you can just use the original size and ignore the scaling values. this also simplifies the patch a bit:

VLMARIO2.vl (87.5 KB)

Ultimately, something like this should of course be done with sprites:

@antokhio ah, now I see, sry but this forum preview feature showed the wrong text and I was then also focused on the wrong posts - but yes the hint is correct - the STRIDE version of SKIA “WithinSpace” are the new “WithinCommonSpace” and “WithinVirtualScreenSpace” at the beginning I was using them wong plus the problem with the QuadRenderer

@tonfilm yes true for this situation I can use it that way - thanks - but in another case (I have here an Kinect based App) I need the scale by spreads.

And do you mean with “something like this should of course be done with sprites:” to use the textures in VLMARIO example like sprites - or that the pipeline QuadRenderer (Size) is important for Sprites

But in the end I kind of understand my Problem I had when I start to use my SKIA transformations in STRIDE and wait for updated QUADRENDERER

THX you both

ok, for now you can just add half of the size to fix it:


VLMARIO3.vl (90.3 KB)

True - I should say for now REMAP not wait for Update - but all in all solved, find some issues, workaround and understanding
Thanks again Happy2021

Thanks for the bug report!! The fix will come with the next preview. Happy 2021!

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