Wishlist for vvvv50 UI

I’d like to have the chance to click on a link, disconnect it from the nearest pin (so input or output) and then link again to another pin. Maybe also duplicating a link this way.
Dunno if already mentioned.

if a pin isnt connected but doesnt have the default value it should look different to “unchanged” pins.

i really like the small line above/under connected pins, which make them look bigger.

maybe make the “unconnected but changed”-pins smaller?

+1 for both above ideas by @h99))and ((user:hrovac.

  • In-A-box nodes should save their inner offset, as (sub-)patches do.
  • Mathematical Expressions with a single number on either side could display that number in the node, e.g. +1 or *.5 or 2- instead of abusing the Descriptive Name and yield [+ – 1](+ – 1) and [* – .5](* – .5) and [- – 2-](- – 2-) respectively.

“save as” in shader editor was there before, right? i don’t get it that features like that just get removed. makes you very unhappy every time you mess with shaders.

for versioning, gitextensions is the way to go. really easy. only option which needs a warning is: choose “commit as is” when installing it.

I would love to use vvvv50 to patch plugins for vvvv45.
Can we have it in a ‘code editor’ just as we have it for textual c# within vvvv45?

+1 for v5 as a plugin, I had thought that might be rather useful too! It would make transitioning projects/learning easier! I’m sure it’s not as simple as it sounds though!

eno, i like that idea !