Wishlist for vvvv50 UI


  • in a bar on the top \ left \ right \ bottom \ selectable border of the front patch
  • the chance to hide\show it with a click
    ** the best would be that if it’s hidden, if the cursor is near, it shows up then when cursor moves away it hides again, as win task bar
    ** yet with the chance of a dedicated window for it.


Nodes context menu

  • like win right click; in our case would be another combo, like shift-shift in fast sequence
    ** opens an Inspektor

another way to delete nodes

  • like Alt + X, Ctrl-Ctrl, …
    ** so to not have to leave the mouse\touchpad, hit del, get mouse\touchpad again
    ** unfathomably useful if there’s only touchpad

Minus 1 for any rrrr’s suggestion on mouse or keyboard. Indeed I would like to keep the current mouse+keyboard combinations (where applicable), plus get a few new ones.

just saying…
“the belonging italian hand gesture”?
{img src=“”}

i agree with ^quote:antokhio:

  • keyboard movable windows
  • snap to grid
  • simple math expressions when entering values
  • collect patches/project to folder


  • distribute nodes evenly (function known from illustrator to tidy up patches)
  • show pin in/output directly in node or near pin (first or n-th slice, makes visual debugging easier and saves lots of IO-boxes just there for inspecting)
  • access to inspector by mouse-action (click or hovering)

my preference

  • keep the way the mouse works, i’m loving it :)
  • rethink keyboard commands, especially CTRL+W vs ALT+3. this is highly confusing for beginners.

Maybe the ability to pipe a value through multiple levels in the patch-hierarchy …

Imagine a 4-levels-deep-module/node/whatever and you want to have one of its outputs in your root.
Clicking it will keep the link on your mouse independent of the active patch window, everything as you’re used to, except vvvv automatically creating all needed IOBoxes to pipe the value through all levels when connecting it to something or creating an IOBox.

Wherever these IOBoxes will be placed exactly … would save some clicks at least.

that’s actually also: ability to change values in ioboxes order independent, so u can tweak the value inside subpatch, or if u have iobox connected to another iobox, u can change value on ibox it has connection with.

A simple but bit annoying one:
An open Inspektor should show info from newly created nodes right away.
That´s what i expect at least. Why click them again to set Inspektor focus.

coordinate system origin should stay center screen, it is more apropriate for multiscreen setups and for object default positioning

imho, being such a hot but rare topic, 50 previews should feel more structured/professional/non-random
the one at scope was lacking clarity and visibility, and by doing so it did not make justice to the subject.
also, targeting online audiences instead of random groups of people would make it more relevant.
i understand that it might have been a non-official presentation but all eyes are on yyyyou this months
again, imho

i have another one:

a built-in addonpack and packs management/installation would reduce a lot of confusion in the forum and the noobs courses. what about impementing this into setup ? its all nicely tagged and available in two flavours x86/x64 and can be automagically downloaded and unpacked…

i don’t want to be too cocky but this can’t be too hard (2 days max). including a popup saying you install additional tings with or without proper licensing.

emacs keybinding!

why do you think emacs keybinding is better?

i’d rather opt for a customizable keybinding, while the devvs define the default.

i agree with that customizable is the best way.
anyway is okay if i’ll able to use emacs keybinding.

Forgive me if this request is something that you should just not do, but I think in some instances it could be handy.

Having sub patches in the same file. Some times it is a lot easier to just send one file to other people to see what you are doing, instead of having to zip and send two or more files.

Alternatively we could use a project file format, a bit like ableton Live where your project is saved in a zip file, just with a different extension. this would also allow a consolidate function where all files used in the project are saved together in that single zip file containing everything.

EDIT: perhaps even including easily obtainable info on which version of vvvv is used and which external libraries are used as well.

i have another wish, but i don’t know if it’s possible at all:

better exception display

like showing the node, the exception came from, hiding the stack a bit… just make it more readable.

the visual studio exception handling is a good example. you can see it when you attach the vvvv instance from the debug window before the exception is raised. visually it uses a dark overlay with concise info and a pointer line to the culprit in your code.

I also have some wishes:

  • A nuget package manager!

  • Make all vvvv windows react to Win+CursorKeys. Please.

  • A debug step mode, where you can step each node during NRT graph evaluation. Can be fancy with setting breakpoint nodes.

  • Little OT, but not really: Sometimes when developing plugins for happy patching, it would be nice to push data from input pins of a plugin into upstream IOBoxes to save runtime data within the patch more easily. Sure, this could be done with a lot of Eksposing madness, but I think it would be a really cool way, if opened up a bit. Maybe keep Ctrl+K and flag the iobox to be allowed to accept data from downstream? Flush up, from within any plugin, which will only do so, if a green IOBox is there.

  • An iobox for Transforms, thats worth the name. Could have several skins, similar to what Value offers.

PS: Good job on the dpi.

can’t delete anything in patch if connection started randomly in another patch

@transition period
Would it make sense to bridge the two programs over dedicated 50(Datatype) and 45(Generic) nodes ?
This could help:

  • implementing small 50 parts into the old/safe-for-larger-projects pipeline
  • accessing 45 nodes before they get rewritten

Keeping it UI/Editor focused.

Complete killers for me right now:

  • Strong git integration. This would allow for : patch versioning, addon management, contribute directly from vvvv. Editing contributions directly would be great.
  • Auto-format document. Not for everyone, but not having something like this is a distraction for many (esp. coders from text languages)

Agree on

  • Window management. Simple things like docking left/right/up/down
  • ‘Contemporary UI design’. Whatever that is :)

Could be vvvv45

  • Auto-save options, e.g. if you crash then you are notified next time you open that an auto-save is available

Disagree on

  • Versioning (this should be done by git or not at all).
  • Relying on user customisation (e.g. keyboard shortcuts). Always so many copies of vvvv floating across so many machines. Having varying copies of user customisation spread out between them would be a nightmare.


  • I really wish to have a local versioning system out of the box OR a quick guide into git (if this works fine locally).

  • For the time being, let’s have a decent guide to the naming conventions. Those allows for long descriptive names without having bold nodes:
    Name your patches like this
    shortName version [tags (keywords) descriptives.v4p
    or even shorter
    shortName [tags (keywords) version descriptives.v4p
    to get nice sorting and descriptive names in explorer and retain small subpatch nodes.

  • I think it could be elegant to have some kind of auto increment naming for subpatches instead of proprietary versioning bloat for users that are too lazy to setup git.

  • I’ll take it one step further: Everything could be fine by saving numbered backups instead of a single .xml file. See notepad++'s backup strategy.

  • The [CTRL-[m is brillant and mostly rejected. Maybe it could be used for adding manual control to the “small scale local versioning solution by naming conventions”? I’d prefer to have some default [author maybe as a node in root or so. Besides that, the description should be exposed to the windows explorer using proper file metadata handlers.

In-project navigation

  • Some of you seem to be unaware of the powerful [ALT-[MiddleMouseButton which allows for collate windows into tabs. For my favor this should be the default behavious for new subpatches. It could even switch to vertical tabs as soon as they’re getting many (sidebar instead top bar).

  • Another biggie for navigation: 2xSpeeding up and smoothing the hand tool under the [RightMouseButton, would be great!

  • The [CTRL-[TAB seems buggy. Some of my projects show only root and special windows (inspector, project explorer, finder). This is really important because it adds to the window navigation trouble others report here.

  • I really need [[Save as…]([Save as…) for Shaders and PlugIns. It drives me crazy to quick edit shaders and then having to overwrite. Maybe quick solve this as a menu entry in the project explorer?

Apart that:

+1 for all ideas added and quoted by @motzi.

Thanks a lot for [CTRL-[^, and for generic node names reducing the node list bloat!

just demonstrates how node naming can be used for versioning without getting long nodes (4.0 kB)
subpatch (to be put in same directoy) (2.4 kB)

Posibility to use color for nodes and links -good for organising your patch

@rogalag: 50-colors