Wireless XY


anybody knows about a wireless 2D Sensor?
(like a gyroscopic mouse without pitch…)



  • “the owl” was the name of an ultrasonic gadget. Lousy quality, dumped via PEARL a few years back. Short range, perhaps 50x50x50cm. Maybe on ebay.

  • BlueWand is a 6 DOF inertial sensor the size of a TV remote. It’s experimental, custom made and costs ca. 1400 EUR a pop.

  • I believe there could be something in the “presenter” department. You know, gadgets for salespeople standing in front of digital whiteboards holding powerpoit presentations.

  • then there is the eBoard (or eBeam or so) which is baiscally the owl for whiteboards. ca. 800 EUR i presume, works on a 2-3m area.

google for it. Or better: Yubnub it.

Yubnub?.. no text …

type Yubnub into google…or google into Yubnub :)