Wireless presenter and vvvv

I’m pretty new to vvvv but plan on extending one app of mine with some wireless control.
Is there any implementation or documentation on how to use presenter like this one?

Is is supported? If not, do you know better alternatives? I basically just need a single button control. 2 buttons would do as well. I’d build it myself if I’d just be more confident with the electronics.

Thanks in advance

The cheap ass brandless presenter I have, just acts as a mouse, where the arrows are moving the mouse up and down, and the keys are configurable.

If it works for powerpoint, it works with the Keyboard node, because it just simulates the arrows keys.

Just be sure there is a driver for your OS, bought a webcam the other day, with NO support for win7 64 BIT LOL. 5 euros at the gas station.

i did this a while ago. might not exactly suit your needs but should give you an idea how to go about it.

Presenter (Devices Logitech R400).v4p (29.8 kB)