WindowsFormsAppHost missing UseWindowsForms property

when exporting type Windows Application the patch is hosted with the WindowsFormsAppHost which depends on System.Windows.Forms which in turn can only be used if the csproj property UseWindowsForms is true;

Pretty sure that flag gets set in an exported project file should it make use of System.Windows.Forms. Can you be more specific what’s not working for you?

guessed so.
however, i was exporting without dependency on System.Windows.Forms. The exported csproj showed that VL still uses the WindowsFormsAppHost which in turn resulted in an error, because System.Windows.Forms is not loaded.

as long as exporting with the export option ‘Windows Application’ actually means windows forms, shouldn’t the apphost load all it’s dependencies?

You’re right, it assumed it would stumble over an implicit reference to System.Windows.Forms but that is probably not the case should no one make use of any render windows. In future the flag will be set when output type is set to WinExe. Thanks.