Windows XP Greek version. Unable to Load .dll files

Hello There!

I’m trying to set up 4V on my new Pc running Windows XP Pro, the Greek version!
I’ve done Service Pack 3 … Greek Version.

4V is running no problem… But it doesn’t read the .dll nodes like contours, timeliner… ect. When I tried to open any of .dll nodes in a patch, they are not included in the list.
Drugging and dropping in a patch doesn’t work ether.

I’ve tried changing the paths as described in the “how to edit wrong paths” but no luck.

Maybe there are some unrecognized characters somewhere in the script… but I’m not sure.

There is no reason why it does that… apart that it’s running in the Greek XP version…

Has anyone come across something similar?
Do other XP language versions have similar problems?

Any help well appreciated!!

Thanks in Advance.


Pc specs:

XP Pro Greek version

Asus striker 2 formula (775, DDR2, 780)
Intel Core 2 Quad
2GB ram
HDD W.D 250GB x 2

Asus GTX280 1GB

You read this (about Net 2.0)

Thanks a lot mate!!!



(i bet i’m not the only one hoping to find a xp geek version in here)