Windows Touch Disable Mouse win10

Hello Guys,

Do you know how to avoid the mouse to react on windows touch protocol in win10 ?

So you only get the touch data in vvvv-vl

In win7 I remeber it was like that :


but there are not same options in win10.


TouchCursorDecoupler.7z (4.6 KB)

I wrote this little app to circumvent this issue

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Hi microdee, thats great you have a solution thank you.

unfortunatly it did not work in my side ,i open as administrator just in case and tried tick and untick


but no change on my computer , everytime i use a touch monitor or touch film with windows touch the mouse is control, any other ideas ?

what is the app doing internally ?

any command or registry i could try manually ?


it just captures the mouse and touch events and if there’s touch it will put back the cursor to it’s original position and cancels the mouse related events, that’s why it’s sometimes flickering. It doesn’t need admin rights. It doesn’t modify any windows settings or registry. I have no problem with it and it works on dx11 renderer mouse output. also rule of thumb when you need to support both mouse and touch input: when there’s touch you disable mouse.

Ok, thanks

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