Windows Startup Recovery

Hello everyone,
I need a 100% reliable computers, so I really want to avoid those automatic things happening when the power is suddenly missing. One of these is Windows Startup Recovery. I really want to get rid of it.
I tried this solution:

Run cmd.exe as Administrator, then give the following two commands

bcdedit /set {default} recoveryenabled No
bcdedit /set {current} bootstatuspolicy ignoreallfailures

This, apparently, is not enough because I had again Windows Startup Recovery starting up on a computer where I am SURE I entered the commands above.

Any of you faced and solved this issue?
How do you TOTALLY disable this Windows feature?

Thanks in advance for any help.


This is a good thread, how to force Windows a la /shutup where everything starts up with logo, no animation, no desktop (that s the easier part) etc. Just push the button and get the Dx9 renderer.

as i don’t really know i can only guess, but if it is a permanent setup you might also consider an UPS to counter power outages. this would be a much cleaner solution imho… ;)

it is possible to turn this stuff off
ignoreallfailure is the right way to go. make sure you make a proper restart after entering this command or it won’t work.

second, you need to disable system protection for all harddiscs

this should be it, not sure what recoveryenable should do, i never needed this.

To @u7angel:
I didn’t know that a proper restart was needed. This might be the point that solves my case. I’ll check and let everybody know. Thanks!

when working with this… used

Ok, I gave the commands with a good restart and the problem could be solved now. I tested with many “violent” restarts and the system turned on with no complaints. Anyway the two commands alone are not sufficient. The system protection must be turned off on all drives as well. And I am still not sure this is all we need to shush windows.