Windows Speech Recognition Plugin


i have a few Questions about speech recognition in vvvv.

Ive been using the plugin above by vux and have some issues:

Combining with VVVV.Audio using the Mic already, is it possible to still use this Plugin? Maybe in a different vvvv instance? Impossible?

Would it be possible to disable all the Plugins features in Windows? - it will hit “Start” for example and from there stuff might pop up in background etc. - potentially even shuting down Windows… Also it beeps while hearing a new input.

Would it be possible to feed a large dictionary so it so it would recognize “everything” said. It works in Windows for search etc without feeding a dictionary.

Is there an alternative,not needing a dictionary or providing one, Google speech API? Someone tried running one of the web based ones in HTML Texture?

I think you need extra mic, if asio is using your microfone, windows probably cant access it

You could also try to use VB audio cable, it allows to be opened multiple time afaik.

Oh THX Meierhans, looks Like what ive been Looking for.

If anyone has a dictionary with broad german & / or english working with Windows speech would be awesome. Only found a smal one in github.

Alternative solutions still very welcome.

Google Speech is now Google cloud speech so the API is not “free” anymore i think. 60 minutes per month with dev account from what ive found…

Offline solution like Windows speech would be nicer…

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