Windows hidden, how to restore?

Hi, please excuse this terribly n00bish question…

I somehow cunningly hid all my patch windows with Alt+F3, and
now they aren’t responding - I don’t know how to restore them,
as none of the Alt+F1/F2/F3 commands seem to be having any effect.

I have searched the online documentation but can’t seem to find
anything that would indicate how to restore the windows.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


ehm. sorry for that. you have hidden the last window and can not access the menu to show the last window again. the patches are all still there but you can not show them anymore.

there is an easy solution: just double click any v4p file on your hard drive - the clicked patch will open and you can press Alt+R or access the menu to “show root”. in the root patch you will find also your patches and you are able to open them again. after that you can close the newly opened patch.

future vvvversions might just display the a similar warning as the one which gets shown when you close the last patch.

@joreg: there used to be the possibility to press Alt+R (Show Root) on the vvvv instance in the task bar. this feature somehow got lost. would be actually cool to get the full menu there as well…

Thank you!

The full-menu-on-the-taskbar idea sounds great, but in the meantime at least I know there is a solution to restore the hidden windows, in case that happens again.

By the way, coming from a Max/MSP background, I just wanted to say I am very very impressed with vvvv, particularly the user interface which is very efficient and elegant IMHO. This is only my second day with it so I am looking forward to learning more. Keep up the good work… :)