Windows get stuck


I’m having a strange problem. Sometimes when dragging vvvv-windows they get stuck and even though I move the mouse, the windows don’t move. Especially the Inspektor window causes problems. I can move the Inspektor window around in the middle of my screen but when I drag it to the left or the right, it stops about 10cm away from the edge of the screen.

It’s quite strange, because this problem didn’t show up all the time - and now it’s suddenly there.

Thanks in advance!

i used vvvv on several machines and i never experienced this. so i assume that this is no vvvv-bug.

Hmmm, okay. I just thought it could have been helpful to post it - in case someone has experienced similar things.

It only happened once and I hope it won’t happen again - and now that you say it isn’t a known bug I am less afraid it might happen during a live perfomance.