Windows 8 fullscreen issue

found the following key within the windows 8 registry today - which prevented vvvv from going to fullscreen at all.


anyone know about “shims”? may it come from nvidias surround-view feature?

after removing the key fullscreen works fine again.



found this one but dont know how it came into the registry:

DXMAXIMIZEDWINDOWEDMODE This mode identifies apps that go into full screen mode and redirects them into a maximized Window mode

Hi milo,
I managed to get rid of the fullscreen once by deleting the above mentioned entry in the registry.
After starting vvvv another time, win8 usually writes the same entry into the registry again.
Did you have the same issue?
How did you manage to solve it, if you experienced the same.
Thank you, best, Philipp.

No, i never had the same issue. It writed this key only ones, when vvvv somehow crushed whole system. Try to install updated graphics drivers.

I had the same issue on a Toshiba notebook and on a Surface Pro with Win8. I fixed it putting the key written by @milo to 0.

I don’t know why Win8 apply the DXMAXIMIZEDWINDOWEDMODE compatibility mode to vvvv at first launch.

For me this was happened only once, when vvvv crashed. It’s like a crash protection for full screen apps. This key is working, i can confirm.

thank you, ingolf! made my day!