Windows 8 Asus Tablet Touch not clicking

So I got this asus tablet, transformer T100TA, running windows 8 32bit, was trying to make it a cool control surface, but so far the touches don’t get registered as mouse clicks.

Only settings I can change in Win8 are the right clicks and double clicks.

Windows does see my touches, it shows “warp rings”, and it reacts to other actions. But vvvv does not register that as left clicks, in the renderer.

Tried Mouse (Windows) and Mouse (Desktop), I have no idea where to look.

can you check Touch (Devices Windows)?

Wow sweet, that is it!

I tried it before, but now I realize it only works in the renderer (so put a renderer in the helpfile grrrrr!!!)

A change (animation) and or (boolean spectral) are my new way to detect touches.

The device is horrible slow, but for simple interface and 100 dmx channels I hope it works.

Thanks again Sire.