Windows 7

Have the next version be able to work in windows 7. I get a system error that the program can not start because d3dx9_30.dll is missing from my computer (no compatibility setting seem to help)

The faq entries about this should be obviously much more visible, but this looks like a known issue avaiable already on XP.

Technically note that a standard DirectX10 or later install does not include all components from DirectX9, do exactly that dll is likely to be missing on your system (and can not included into vvvv for legal issues iirc)

Have you tried installing the SlimDX End User Runtime or the DirectX Redist as mentioned on the Download page?

i first installed slimDX, no success.
the i installed directx 9 and was able to run vvvv.

start as admin the first time.

feels fine with 7, no problems by now.
i’m on 7 since 2 days now…

i just had to set the vvvv.exe into xp-compatibility mode. no other installations necessary and working nicely so far.

give it a try?
i got new iCore and two 9800 liquidcoooling vvvvvy not to t-y 7.