Windows 7 tweaks

question to all windows 7 user

what tweaks did you use to make windows 7 more vvvv 24/7 friendly ? like in windows xp there are lots of things to turn off to secure a vvvv installation like

desktop cleanup of unused files
error reporting

any special things one need to take care of with the new system ?

what are your experiences ?

sometimes under win7 there’s some strange disk activity (indexing)
when system is idle…or supposed to be
you can disable indexing in the control panel
or totaly remove the windows search engine:


you can also disable many useless and annoying (security / warning blah blah) services and process:
and add some custom regs like:
take ownership

shift+right click on folders bring you some usefull options

the only problem i see with win7 (appart some missing drivers)
is when vvvv crash i need to log off
i can launch the task manager via ctrlAltSupp but it’s freezed, i don’t have access to the windows start button… alt tab works but no way to kill vvvv
ok i know… my fault… vvvv isn’t supposed to crash :)

@circuitb see here for Joregs sugestion for the freezes

thank you for the hints… i still use winxp64 but every new pc i have to prepare is a win7 one. sooooner or later i need to switch but only if there are any advantages in terms of vvvv. so devs, it’s your decision. :)

ah and of course the lack of horizontal span mode in win7 can be a problem too

Speaking of horisontal span. What is the status on ATI’s Eyefinity? does it work with vvvv?

attached is a personalized “manual” to setup a boygroup-client using windows 7.

*networksettings are of course special.

*computernames are related to ioagency, not to be confused with our fellow @io

*ignore the “strange display drivers”, this is specific to a project

maybe some of the settings can be optimzed ??

any feedback welcome!

how to (1.5 MB)

Thank you so much, Kalle!!
This helps quite a lot!

oh great, that’s just sweet.

thank you kalle