Windows 7 freezes when vvvv crashes

using windows 7 a crash of vvvv is quite annoying:

windows then asks whether it should debug or quit vvvv.
assuming a relation to vvvv’s “strict closing behaviour” windows also freezes now.

the only way out is logging off from windows or restarting it.

noticed while having problems with DetectObject


when windows asks you if you want to debug a program on crash you seem to have a debugger installed. like delphi or visualstudio or such…i can’t believe this is a windows7 feature. i am not sure how but there should also be a way to deactivate that. in winxp there is in system properties->advanced->error reporting an option to disable error reporting at all. that could produce nicer crashes…

and btw what exactly is vvvvs “strict closing behavior”?

what exactly is vvvvs “strict closing behavior”?

try to shutdown windows while vvvv is running.

ouright. that one. be assured that has quite likely nothing to do with each other. watch this thread.