Windows 7 freezes when vvvv crashes: mostly with plugins

a vvvv crashes on windows 7 64bit RC is still quite annoying.

those crashes mostly happen when using plugins.
e.g.: i can reproduce this by starting the FitCircle (2d) help.v4p and then modifying the BinSize of FitCircle by rightclick-drag.
anyway crashes happen also with other plugins.
setting input values of plugins often causes crashes.
so i assume this isn’t related to single plugins but to plugins in general.

the really annoying thing is the behaviour of Windows 7 then:

*vvvv freezes, showing only the “hourglass”
*other applications cannot be selected by mouse anymore
*vvvv still shows up in taskbar
**but taskbar isn’t functional anymore
*selecting other apps by ALT+TAB
**does bring other applications somehow to the foreground but the crashed vvvv stays still on top.
**vvvv doesn’t appear in the tasklist
*not possible to bring up the taskmanager

the only way out is to log off (or restart or shutdown) from windows which forces shutdown of all running programs.

system properties->advanced->error
disable error reporting at all

as stated in previous bug report doesn’t help

am i alone with this experience?

you are not alone… :(

actually i have an hint

dont know if its related, but:

in windows 7 if you drag any window to the top of the screen, it goes fullscreen, and if you drag it to a side, it goes half-screen, do you know that?

well this doesn’t work with vvvv windows, and also the preview in the aero mode works strange (if you hold the mouse on a program on the taskbar, it shows you a little preview)

i thought this bug could be related to the fact that vvvv doesn’t understand some features of windows7, like it’s not fully integrated, and even a “normal” crash cause problem in the windows7 visualization?

i’m just guessing, honestly i have no idea how this things works, but this relation makes sense in my mind… somehow…

For fitcirle (and geometry ones), forgot to add a fix i had 0 for bin sizes.

Will add that up asap


oh and fullscreen screenshot doesnt work in windows7, am i alone with this experience?

@defetto Dont know, but Fraps works really well for screenshots and videos.

still no fix for that strange blocking behaviour you described. while with beta>22 other apps can be activated during such a freeze the taskmanager is still refusing to do anything.

fixed vvvvs windowbehavior to work with win7 features. note: this also allows for a doubleclick on the window-title to fullscreen it (also under xp)
and confirmed: fullscreenshotting doesn’t seem to work. on the other hand i am surprised that windowed screenshotting finally magically works (at least didn’t work on vista). so as the texture-writers should work anyway i will not care about that for now…