Windows 7 FFDSHOW problemo

i try to play MJPEG - Avis with FFDSHOW on a windows 7 64-bit system. but windows 7 insists on using its decoder instead of FFDSHOW.

i thought as long media player classic plays the video fine then vvvv does too. it’s not like that, MPclassic uses ffdshow while vvvv is not.

any idea, boys ?

btw. everything in ffdshow regarding mjpeg is set to the ffdshow codec, without any effect in v4.

i changed the filter merit with graphstudio of ffdshow to ultra und the win7 mjepg decoder to “please do not use this rubbish decoder”

doesn’t make the setup of a machine easier…

i will never fall in love with win7 i guess, wizards in every corner, hidden ip settings, problems connecting to buffalo NAS, no Span Mode anymore, 64 fps timing problems etc. etc. etc.