Windows 7 64-bit or WindowsXP 32-bit on MBP

I’m a bit annoyed with windows 7. I use a 64 bit pro version of it on my Macbook Pro for patching but it really keeps me frustrated. It constantly fails booting correctly and has weird system issues.
Also it is slow: I did all the tweaks kalle suggested in an other thread but is is still slow and clumsy in handling. V4 performs much snappier on my 5 years old desktop PC with good old Windows XP.
And I constantly run into issues with the 64 bit system. Video codecs, camera drivers, etc. this really sucks.
Does a 64 bit system have any advantage for using v4 at all?

I think I’m going back to 15 year old Windows XP.

i’m running win 7 x64 ultimate on a macbook pro with ssd. no booting or system issues at all. actually, it boots up a lot faster compared to xp. do you use a legit win7 version ? ;)

video codecs can be a problem like when win7 desperately wants to use its own nasty mjpeg codec instead of picvideo. but this can be fixed by setting codec merits.

concerning drivers, i had no problems so far. but i would never use point grey cams anyway ;)

hey chris.
yo, my Win7 is completely legal. did you do something to your system apart from what kalle suggests here

I’m trying to find any disadvantages of Win XP.

da zepi :)

the biggest disadvantage for me is adobe cs5 does not fully work on xp anymore. (after effects)

new macbook pro’s don’t like xp anymore, the bootcamp installer does funny things when trying and apple stopped supporting xp driver-wise.

ssd performance is a lot better on win7

it gets more and more complicated to setup “off the shelf” pc’s to windows xp. the quest for missing drivers. therefore i decided to get used with win7.


win7 is only usable after setting it to classic mode (burn aero burn).after effects had gui rendering problems with aero turned on. depends on the graphicscard though

advanced settings > performance > turn everything off appart from things like show dragged window content.

i’ve done desktop icons too.

did not set anything in sharing option.

did not touch folder options except hide known extensions.

powerplan to high


kalle’s options look feasible

all in all pretty standard win7 ultimate. the only special software i have installed to cope with missing features is network activity indicator since ms removed the little network computer icon.

ok, I see. That’s pretty much what I did, and Aero is for the “Würscht” anyways.
the bootcamp drivers are a forceful argument. Didn’t know that. Maybe I just look out for an SSD and reinstall Win7.

i never thought i would promote win7. oh dear :)

all is good now ? zepi ?

jojo, all is wunderbar! I squeezed a nice SSD into my MBP and got win7 reinstalled.
the SSD makes life much easier and no more crashy crashy while booting. maybe my system was a bit messed up from extensive driver hacking.