Windows 10 Preview - Stable with VVVV - Adobe / Wacom?

Hey guys,

i will be traveling and need to format my laptop since its a cluttered mess.

Anyone using the windows 10 preview? Would like to check it out but only if its working fine with VVVV Adobe CC and Wacom Drivers.

Anyone else tried it out yet?

Everything is working fine :)

be aware though on nvidia cards newest builds are not supporting 500 series and below. actually nvidia doesn’t support those cards on wwindows 10 yet. probably it has to do something with dx12 switch. I’m sure they will support those cards in the long run though.

i have a 640m 2gb and its working well with Emeshe & newest windows 10 build. thx for heads up!

Just wanted to let you know that i have not been able to go “fullscreen” in DX11 during small vj tests on a second screen ( projector) The Multiscreen Settings (win+p) have been “simplyfied” and did not work for me.

I had to use “project double”, have not tried latest build. Could not select the proper resolution for the second screen in windows for some reason… Will let you know if this behaviour is fixed in RTM final windows10 release.

Switching Resolutions and ScreenSettings while patching caused my renderer to freeze, saving with renderer on the correct screen and restarting did not solve this for me…