Windows 10 much lower framerate than 7

I have very reluctantly been moving to Win10, and now finding my hesitance is completely justified. What I at first thought was lower performance due to the kinds of patches I was running, I now realize was lower performance being hidden by the higher performance systems I was getting with Win10 on them.

I just got a nice new Alienware R12 with an i9 and RTX 3070 (so powerful it’s illegal in six states!), and noticed when running a patch it was only hitting about 55fps, when my old Win7 Thinkpad laptop with no discrete graphics hits 20fps. So I took an old Win7 i5 desktop with a GTX 960 and ran the patch, lo and behold, 60fps.

I mean, the 3070 is THREE TIMES faster than a 960, and this i9 single-thread performance is 50% faster than this i5.

And yes the mainloop is set to 120fps, and this is with beta_42_x64. I’ve tested across other desktops I have, and consistently the lower-performance hardware with Win7 runs as-fast/faster then better hardware with Win10.

Surely I can’t be the only one seeing this? Looking back, a few years ago an installation PC was upgraded from 7 to 10, and the mainly video-based patch saw a framerate drop; but I wrote that off to the VLC plugin not being updated for Win10, and forgot about it.

I am very, very perturbed by this. I’m in the process of updating a dual-boot 7/10 desktop so I can do a direct comparison, will report back.

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