WindowLists problem


WindowLists (Windows) output is constantly changing every frame,
and output is corrupt.

This is some output:

0.v4p //// * st | vvvv - Google Chromenu2nu2nu2nu2nu2nu2nu2nu2
StartFormenur | vvvv - Google Chromenu2nu2nu2nu2nu2nu2nu2

Win7 - 64bit
happens with vvvv 32 and 64bit
ATI Eyefinity, 4 displays.

it seems to be something with the setup here.
works as expected on another computer.

any ideas what could break this?

indeed a unicorn bugger. please try latest alpha.

hey joreg,

thanks, but with
45alpha29.1 - ea23f33e95 14/01/2013 13:26
still broken.

anything i could do to help with this?

my bad, please try again now.

working now, thanks.

HWND (Windows) always returns -1 as handle.
this may be related.

sorry for keeping you busy.

opened a new thread: