Window (Windows)

Hi All

it seems I have all sorts of questions these days…

I would like to use Window (Windows) to make a renderer fullscreen on the monitor output that is not the main monitor.

I can see no options to choose which monitor the window should be.

is it at all possible to have Window (Windows) control windows not on the main monitor?


I think you should play around with your windows spanmode/gfx card options, and the device pin of the renderer node(you can only see that one with the Inspector), depends on your type/brand of gfx card and OS.

And read: The MultipleScreen FAQ

Window (Windows)
WindowLists (Windows)
HWND (Windows)

those three play together. into the HWND you put a windows title. then you get its handle, which you connect to the Window node. doesn’t matter which monitor a window is on. but thinking about it… i am not sure (and cannot test at the moment) if you can place a window on the second monitor by setting X > 1…

also west is right, it maybe possible to use the Device (EX9.Manual) node to achieve what you want. by creating your a manual device on the target monitor and in the Renderer chosing that device instead of -1 (auto). on fullscreen it would then probably go fullscreen there.

Just had a second display connected to my machine and true, the window does go to the second screen when going above 1 in the direction of the screen you want to place it on.

you need to calculate a bit on where to center and how much to expand the window if you want it full screen and your connected screens are not the same resolution.

there is this ScreenInfo (Windows) plugin by woei in the addonpack that might help you with your calculations…

there’s 2 useful modules:

SetRenderer for windowed ex9 renderer by woei

SetRes(EX9) for fullscreen mode by MSBERGER

there’s also a kalle patch for fullscreen mode