Win7 dotNET4 - no Text, no shaders in nodelist

brandnew PCs with a fresh clean Win7 and all Updates.
dotNET4 is installed.

after installing DirectX9.0c crack.exe is “all green”

vvvv is running, but
*no plugins
*no effects
*no freeframes
show up in the nodelist.

No problem though to create them via drag/drop into patch.

What’s wrong here?

Did you try to install .net 3.5 SP1?

without success.

These could be related and the the tools mentioned may be of help :

kalle did you fix with this solution ?

i have the same problem

thx all,
but my intention is not to fix this but to get this fixed.

on a virgin, clean, new machine with a fresh install of windows i expect vvvv to run out of the box.

at least without the necessity of deinstalling/running any cleanup tools.

I had the same problem a few weeks ago, its a know issue from microsoft, there is no way to remove net famework 4.0. You need to run a clean instalation of windows seven without the update to netframework 4.0 , and be sure that vvvv its on your C drive, after that all the problem regarding freerame are solved.

i’m trying to reproduce this issue by setting up a virtual machine. what exact version of windows 7 did you use? i’ll first try with windows 7 sp1 june 2011 x86.
and where did you install vvvv? in your home directory or program files?

my observations so far:

  • installed windows 7 sp1 june 2011 x86 home premium on virtual box
    ** .NET 3.5.1 installed
    ** .NET 4.0 NOT installed
    ** DirectX 9 NOT installed

  • extracted beta25.1 to C:\Users\ME\vvvv\vvvv_beta25.1

  • started crack.exe

  • all green except DX9 -> installed via websetup -> all green

  • started vvvv, all OK

  • extracted beta25.1 to C:\Program Files\vvvv_beta25.1

  • crack.exe green, started vvvv, all OK

  • installed all windows updates, all OK

  • installed .NET 4, all OK

so obviously i’m not able to reproduce your bug report :(
how does my setup differ from yours?

i can’t test a x64 version on my machine. virtual box telling me that my CPU is missing some features for that…

Kalle if you can reinstall completely this machine. Sometimes ghosts are corrupted in a strange way

we are dealing with around 150 rental pc’s here (not all of them running vvvv…) .
i can’t think of different setup procedures for each 10 machines.
it’s simply not practicable here.

beta23 runs out of the box and that’s the version i use.


.NET 4.0 was already installed on those machines.
like others i assume that this was the problem.

my problem has been, that those machines have been delivered to me on friday and on saturday they had to be shipped to their first rental job in another country.

so i simply didn’t have the time to follow all those recomended procedures.

intersting is that .net 4 was installed out of the box, whereas in my setup .net 4 was NOT installed. is it possible to find out the exact windows version that was installed on those machines?

Well since there are many, maybe you can spare one and send it to Elias ;)

haha yes, but an image of the system disk would also be an option…

1 out of 10 should be in berlin tomorrow ;)

PC is here, at first sight it seems that the node list is not configured correctly. the root.v4p, which does this, is deleted from the vvvv folder. the patch which will be opened by the .bat file is not on the computer, so we have no clue if the node list is configured there. anyways, here is some reading: root

aaaaaaaaaaah, got it.
i used the betaversion which was provided by the client.
it looked like a “virgin” beta to me…

so without Nodelist (VVVV) in the rootpatch of course it can’t find the externals.