Win XP & b30 problems

Hi Guys,

i know that win XP is gonna die in the next months, but i´m still using it due the compatibility with some Hardware devices.

I´m experimenting some issues under XP, for example the IO boxes or the pin values are not saved correctly in the patch.
It happens when i open older patches (<b30), and even with the b30 help files.

Anyone having the same behavior with b30 and XP?

All the best,


same here.

i noticed issues while trying to use a Camera (Transform Softimage) which didnt seem to work. found out that its default values were incorrect. FOV and Pitch being 0.00, also one of the gamma nodes inside was set to 1.0 instead of 0.33333… (seems only float values are wrong, since the distance for example is still ok)

plus: can’t right-drag and change Color IO boxes
plus: can’t set IO Boxes by typing “x,y” but need to type “x.y” (that seems to fit the other float value issue in some weird way)

hmmm…but why is this an XP problem?

fixed for upcoming

super! danki!