Win 8 64bit and x64 vvvv does not work

on a win8 64bit system I get the following behavior.

vvvv 390b7c6f120559df66f06c46982e84d6d97b1572 crack.exe in x64 vvvv report visual c++ 2008 not installed. after installing vc++ 2008 from link in crack.exe the vc++ 2008 is still red. and vvvv fails to start.

390b7c6f120559df66f06c46982e84d6d97b1572 32bit works without trouble

here just throws an error forum-alpha/x64-version-on-windows8

Yes, I saw that thread. I am just passing my observation on.

anyone confirm this?

It seems to work now, even though the square of MSVC++ 2008 is still red (it is installed in x64 version) and DirectShow filter will still not stick.

so vvvv seems to start. the start_with_demo.bat works.

Broken again. Builded latest x64 alpha by myself and downloaded from alpha section - same result. Splash screen don’t showing up, “/logstartup” not working.