Wikipedia article to string

How can I output just the content of a Wikipedia article to a sting?
For example in the wikipedia article:

I just want the following part as a string:

“vvvv (commonly pronounced ‘fear fow’ meaning “4 v’s” in German or ‘fow fear’ meaning “v4” in German) is general purpose toolkit with a special… etc. etc…”

I tried the “RegExpr” Module in combination with the “substitute (string)” but it didn’t work…
Can anyone help me?

It only works with wikipedia because of the xml export function.

MediaWikiToString.v4p (4.3 kB)

Thanks a million! Works great!

Thnx Gab, you pointed out some very useful stuff here :)

I made a version that gets a random article. Still needs some RegExpr or other filtering for a perfectly clean result.

MediaRandomWikiToString.v4p (8.0 kB)