Wiki Issues

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Hello, @dave.

I think it could be useful and nice having a sort of branch style documentation summary of all english, translatable pages. Ok, branch style is too much.
I see many things are changing - new pages created, old ones set aside, general updates.

My personal policy is (would be) to translate major args in a certain topic first, and only then minor ones; in this very moment I’d like to have an overall view of documentation contents to decide what translate next, for example.

A list of links related to specific topics would help a lot - as I can’t find a list of all documentation.

If I lost this list, shame on me.

It would help doing a flawless translation job and help to definitively remove outdated pages, for example.

May I suggest you this?

  • pages could be grouped as here, in “learning”, “using vvvv” and other “classic” topics, and in case also a “Not yet related to any topic” group
  • every linked page could show also its last mod date (this could be useful also here).
  • #if you could also set some specific class or id to html so to help regexpr parsing would be really great - I guess one for the title\link and one for the date would be ok (thinking better about this better, such a simple page should be easy to regexpr, but just in case…).

What do you think? And you devvvvs?

Thank you for your attention.

hei h99,

i agree that ultimately we’d need a listing from which you can see what foreign-language pages are out of date so you can easily target those specifically.

meanwhile i sent out some emails recently to translators pointing at sites we’ve just reworked. and i’ll continue to do that manually until we have an automatic system in place. (and i just re-sent you the latest which it seems i didn’t send to you).

Ciao joreg, sorry for late reply.

I don’t know if I deleted it or if something went wrong, but it wasn’t there (I only had propaganda plus audio and topics ones), so thank you.

I made a quick patch to know what’s outdated, and yes, I had it in mind when I posted. Using vvvv to keep track of its online wiki could be a flawless way to keep docs up to date.

Having a page with all contents could give also a chance to copy content from blog (there’s a page on dynamic pins plugin, for example) to create a regular documentation page, thus translatable.

I’m thinking of a way to compare original wiki contents with foreign language ones, through vvvv.

Thank you.