Wiki Issues

Hi all!!!

Is this link [from here](, second paragraph, “Working with Pins”) just broken or ain’t exist any tut?

Thank you

ai removed that link. no idea what it was supposed to refer to…

eheheheh, thanks.

Hi devvvvs,

in Collada wiki we’ve got this link pointing to source code of ColladaLoader

but it’s broken and wasn’t able to track it down (github? really dunno); is that code still available or is it gone?

I would recon that is in the new repository on github now? But I’m just guessing.

hei h99, the new location is here:

please fix the link where you found it broken. thanks.

Sorry to be annoying, I should have posted this previously

it’s still ok? I found just few dlls in


ai, thats moved to here:


thanks ‘n’ bye.


I’ve been trying to upload a new Main Menu image to substitute/be put beside the older one [here]( and here as far as I found), but it seems I have not enough permissions to do this (image is uploaded but won’t be inserted)


main menu beta 28.1 image (9.3 kB)

h99, how did you try to insert the image? Does the insert button not work, or what exactly are you experiencing here?

Ciao dave!

Here’s workflow: click on edit, then browse disk, then choose a file and finally upload it successfully, staying at what the form says; then if I click on insert, the image is not inserted (as in userpage I don’t see any string referring to the actual image) and going to the preview the image isn’t anywhere, and I also tried to save it, with same result.

I think I can also point out something else, without going OT: I noticed, when inserting in a forum post internal links, to contributions for example, that those links in preview will show the “?” near the link as if they’re not correct, while when saving they’re correct and working.

Thank you.

Hi h99, I’ve just tested this in the forum and it works as advertised. Could you let me know the following:

  • Which content type are you creating? Forum Post? Forum Reply? Blog Post?
  • Which OS are you on?
  • Which browser are you using? Version number?

Thanks :)

Hi dave,

hope to be more clear.

I tried to insert new images of main menu in those links I posted Wiki Issues, with no success.
Here instead it works perfectly

Then I saw that in preview of a forum reply or new thread or (…) internal links are followed by “?”.

Please copy/paste this


in the text box down here, and select preview: is it followed by “?” ?

Experienced on both xp-32 and 7-64. Firefox, auto-update.

Thank you.

Hey h99,

I’ve now managed to fix the image insert on wikipages. Perhaps you could check for yourself real quick, and let me know if the problem persists. Sorry that it took so long to respond from your original report.

I’ve also tested linking to mrwiggle in a new forum post to check the preview, but that seems to work here (this part should be independent of OS and Browser, because no Javascript is involved). Does anyone else experience the same behaviour?

Hi dave!

Yes!!! It’s ok! Thank you.

Only thing I think I got to suggest, to all users this time, is to upload new
images first on English page, then copy link into translated page, so to have images loaded once in parent document (maybe trivial, maybe not…)

Great :)… no text …

Hello, @dave.

I think it could be useful and nice having a sort of branch style documentation summary of all english, translatable pages. Ok, branch style is too much.
I see many things are changing - new pages created, old ones set aside, general updates.

My personal policy is (would be) to translate major args in a certain topic first, and only then minor ones; in this very moment I’d like to have an overall view of documentation contents to decide what translate next, for example.

A list of links related to specific topics would help a lot - as I can’t find a list of all documentation.

If I lost this list, shame on me.

It would help doing a flawless translation job and help to definitively remove outdated pages, for example.

May I suggest you this?

  • pages could be grouped as here, in “learning”, “using vvvv” and other “classic” topics, and in case also a “Not yet related to any topic” group
  • every linked page could show also its last mod date (this could be useful also here).
  • #if you could also set some specific class or id to html so to help regexpr parsing would be really great - I guess one for the title\link and one for the date would be ok (thinking better about this better, such a simple page should be easy to regexpr, but just in case…).

What do you think? And you devvvvs?

Thank you for your attention.

hei h99,

i agree that ultimately we’d need a listing from which you can see what foreign-language pages are out of date so you can easily target those specifically.

meanwhile i sent out some emails recently to translators pointing at sites we’ve just reworked. and i’ll continue to do that manually until we have an automatic system in place. (and i just re-sent you the latest which it seems i didn’t send to you).

Ciao joreg, sorry for late reply.

I don’t know if I deleted it or if something went wrong, but it wasn’t there (I only had propaganda plus audio and topics ones), so thank you.

I made a quick patch to know what’s outdated, and yes, I had it in mind when I posted. Using vvvv to keep track of its online wiki could be a flawless way to keep docs up to date.

Having a page with all contents could give also a chance to copy content from blog (there’s a page on dynamic pins plugin, for example) to create a regular documentation page, thus translatable.

I’m thinking of a way to compare original wiki contents with foreign language ones, through vvvv.

Thank you.