Wiimote Plus

i ve just bought a Wiimote Plus but it seems like it is not working with the Wiimote plugin, has anybody tried it?

i tried it and failed. they changed the protocol for the plus, and the underlying library has never been updated (and probably never will). sorry for that, please stick to the old school wiimotes!

Ok thanks, it is even worse than that, there is a new serie of Wiimote Plus named RVL-CNT-01-TR (the one I ve just bought) which is not working even with GlovePie.
More infos here:

eventually i traded the unusable plus with a friend who had a wii with old controllers :)

Ok got it working with Glovepie, but only pitch, roll seems dead and no way to get the plus stuff going.
I will probably trade mine for a Wiimote classic+plus of a friend…

So to make things more clear, there are at least 3 types of Wiimote out there:

  • the classic Wiimote with no MotionPlus, this works with vvvv

  • the new Wiimote with inbuilt MotionPlus, code is LMB-RVL-WR/M-C0 (and C2) works with vvvv, but no MotionPlus, if you need MotionPlus use GlovePIE, fully working there

  • the latest Wiimote with inbuilt MotionPlus, code is LMB-RVL-WR/Z-C4 (and C6) does not connect with vvvv, with GlovePIE you get partial data, connectivity is buggy, it has a reset button on the plastic battery cover so that it can be reset without removing the cover

The code can be found on the battery compartment, not sure if there are other codes apart those listed