Wiimote and win64bit - no pitch/acceleration data

hello vvvvorum,

it’s time to work with a wiimote again. since my last experiences with that device I upgraded from xp to win7 64bit. now I can still connect the device and get all the data from buttons and battery but the values for accelleration and pitch don’t change from 0.0000.

what could be the reason?
there is no error message, status: ok
tested two different wiimotes, so it could not really be a broken device.

win7 ultimate,
blue soleil v 6.4.314.3,
vvvv 40beta 23 and WiiMotePlugin.dll

any solid way round? (except connecting the wiimote to another xp pc and sending the data over via network)

thank you,

Try executing Wiinremote