Wierd .Fx bug

So heres a screenshot of an error, doesn’t aways happen, TBH I don’t know if its a vvvv error, or hardware error?

hmm picture not working?

picture would nt work? (29.8 kB)

lol ;]
it’s one of it’s kind ;] a crashing png!
(wonder what uber killer shader you are doin)
here’s repaired copy, think name was too long

ahm…instead of the png could you up the troubling effect itself?

It’s the queue surface patch from dotore’s particle pack.
I’ve now gone back to an unaltered patch and it is still doing it, noong works at all, i might try the recrack and or reinstall dx to see if that helps…

And reapplying crack.exe fixes it…
I’ve been getting other strange unattributable errors similar to this, I think vvvv is leaky somewhere :O quick before we sync hehe!

/points finger at queue ex9/

here we go again…

:)… no text …

huh. sounds strange as i don’t see anything the crack does concerning effects… can you exactly describe what you did with the crack to get rid of the problem mentioned above?

unticked and then ticked again the 2 tick boxes :)
I’ve since had some random occurrences of the same thing, vvvv throws an exception on quiting, and occasionally does that hundreds of error messages after clicking that one…
Its not something to do with the code editor is it, the patch will sometimes work but tty errors, until you open the editor on that effect, and then all stops and dottore is underlined as a trouble maker!

i’ve seen this in code editor when accidentally wrote something after last }

hehe yeah I do that too, code editor doesn’t always save on the first ctl+s it seems…
In fact that reminds me, no save as, and having to ctl+s to see changes has had me break a few shaders with no easy way back… I’d really like to be able to save a copy before committing changes, or at least have some backups saved (more than 1!)

i noticed sometimes buggy behaviour of Queue (EX9.Texture) during evaluation of the first frame, especially when you are feeding back… (already stated this several times here.)

best use a FrameCounter (Animation) and a > (Value) to enable the Queue. this way you can control the exact frame when to enable…
but the first one is the evil one, believe me…

I cannot get rid of this problem… any idea?

helo io,

pls join us on irc for alphatesting next version.

with the latest version vvvv_45alpha25.2-4972 there is no error, nice idea also the path option in crack.exe