Why does fps equal refresh

Hi all,

I’ve only just noticed that as soon as I make visible a EX9 renderer my fps drop to what ever the refresh rate is. Has this always been the case? This kinda makes sense but I’ve got a UDP setup between 2pcs and I need a faster refresh on the UDP side of things.

I’ve changed the Time Mode on the mainloop but this makes no difference to actual fps.

This doesn’t happen with the GDI renderer. Again this kinda makes sense.

I could multi-thread some instances of vvvv but from what I can work out they would require communication via UDP which will still cause me the same sync and refresh issues.

Is this what it is or is there something I’m missing?

this is a setting on the renderer. per default the Presentation Interval on the renderer is set to…ahm…default which means: sync to the monitors refresh rate. this is necessary to get tearing-free fullscreen rendering.

if you don’t have fullscreen rendering with your application or don’t care about tearing you can set Presentation Interval to Immetiately. now vvvvs framerate is bound to the MainLoop nodes settings and CPU speed of course…

otherwise if you need tearing-free fullscreen rendering set the renderers Fullscreen Refresh Rate to a higher value.

WOW! thats made all the difference! I don’t see any tearing either! thanks loads